Friday, November 9, 2012

1974, Muscle Of Love, EP

I don't have many picture sleeve 45's or EP's of Alice Cooper. Matter of fact I don't have many 45's of other bands. Well maybe just a handful.

Muscle Of Love EP I found at Record Collectible Show. I thought it was a 45 at first since it was the same size but notice it was an EP that included 2 songs on each side.

I always thought Muscle Of Love was a pretty good album. It just got shadowed by Billion Dollar Babies. I think any album they put out would of received the same lack luster reviews.

Front sleeve is photo from inside Muscle Of Love album

Back of sleeve

Side 1
1. Working Up A Sweat
2. Never Been Sold Before

Side 2
1. Muscle Of Love
2. Teenage Lament '74

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