Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1997, Glass Onyon, (6 of 6)

The final Part 6 of Glass Onyon material that I received that had all these pages
stapled together as one big booklet. This sort of reminds me of those fanzines like
Bloody Rag which I did enjoy reading. I know the internet did away w/ a number of them.
The fanzines were fun to read while not in front of your computer or carrying an expensive
hi tech devices on public transportation.

This section includes a '77 Circus article on Billion Dollar Babies, MOJO review on
Michael Bruce's book "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
and Glass Onyon Distribution page.

1977 Circus article on Billion Dollar Babies

MOJO review on 
Michael Bruce's book "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
I don't have a date of this issue but safe to say it
came out during the book release in 1996.

Glass Onyon Distribution
btw I did get the '96 interviews of Bruce and Smith
The address to Glass Onyon has changed but
some of these items are still available at 

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