Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1989, Trash Tour Book

1989, Trash Tour was a great show and I liked Alice's backing band at this time. Now I wasn't a great fan of the album and producer Desmond Child. I thought it was too commercial and Alice's vocals was forced. But seeing him live Alice sings it his way and the songs are much better live than on the album.

There are 2 versions of this Trash Tour Book and it pertains to the drummer. Jonathan Mover is the drummer that was on tour when I seen them. Eric Singer was drummer on the the tour when he wasn't touring w/ KISS.

The book has plenty of good photos and graphics I thought were good. From a Graphic Designer's
point of view the only problem is some of the copy is printed on the background graphics or photos. That is hard to read especially the red copy over the red image of the snake. Also the yellow copy over a light background was hard to read.

1989 Trash Tour Book Cover
9.75x13.5 inches

Inside Cover and page 1

Pg 2 and Pg 3

Pg 4 and Pg 5

Pg 6 and Pg 7
A few older pics from past shows
Pg 6, the 1st & 3rd photos are 
from The Nightmare Returns Tour 1986-87
Pg 7, the 1st photo from Welcome To My Nightmare 1975
2nd photo from Mad House Rock Tour 1979
Difference from '79 & '87 is the vest. 
Both has "Alice" spelled on the leg but vest is different.
Both pages are hard to read the yellow copy over the background image

Pg 8 and Pg 9

Pg 10 and Pg 11
Pg 11, photo from The Nightmare Returns Tour 1986-87

Pg 12 and Pg 13

Pg 14 and Pg 15
On pg 14 the copy over the snake is hard to read

Pg 16 and Pg 17
Pg 16, Drummer Jonathan Mover 
at bottom left

Pg 18 and Pg 19
Pg 18, 1st photo The Nightmare TV Show 1975
2nd photo from The Nightmare Returns Tour 1986-87

Pg 20 and Inside Back Cover

Back Cover

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