Monday, November 12, 2012

1980, Clones 45rpm, Plus Mono & Stereo

I ended up w/ two Clones (We're All) 45 rpm's but one was a promo that has Clones (We're All) on both sides.

This was Alice's first New Wave album. He even changed his make up and singing style.
The track Pain came close to classic Alice. Clones (We're All) was written by David Carron.
In 1996 Smashing Pumpkins did a version of this on their box set Aeroplane Flies High.

The official single release has same photo from 
the back of Flush The Fashion album

The single Clones (We're All)

Model Citizen side

This 45rpm came in the same picture sleeve 
as the single that reads Clones (We're All) b/w Model Citizen
I take it this wasn't the official packaging.
A promo since it printed on the label "Not For Sale"
which has Clones (We're All) on both sides. 
One side in Stereo the other in Mono.

Clones (we're all) video

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