Monday, January 14, 2013

1977, Teen magazine

From 1977, TEEN Magazine this was given to me by my brother's girlfriend
who knew I was an Alice Cooper fan.

This is an interesting article which Alice talks about his new "Lace & Whiskey" album to be released in the summer. Alice is quoted as "The best of the songs that never got recorded."
Stating the "Lace & Whiskey" album are the best songs from his last 3 albums.
It's funny reading what Alice says in '77 to what he comments on now.

Middle column 3rd paragraph down Alice mentions of working w/ Bernie Taupin on a screenplay. Now this is way before Alice went into rehab and came out w/ From The Inside album. So I wonder what it was?

Alice also talks about the Mae West film  "Sexette" and Kurt Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" that never happened.

TEEN Magazine, 1977, Pg 93

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