Monday, January 7, 2013

Alice Cooper Pins

Here's a few pins I have collected over the years.

This top pin is the very first Alice pin I ever bought!
You can see they added the eye make up. This isn't even Alice eye make up!
It's like a circus clown make up they drew on. 
They couldn't find any pictures w/ Alice in make up? Geesh! 

The second pin is from the cover of Alice Cooper Goes To Hell lp.
The image paper stock was glued on a thin piece of wood panel.

Third pin is from Constrictor album.

This was listed on line as Raise Your Fist And Yell pin from the album of the same name.
It's the skull that reminds me of Hey Stoopid album cover.
I didn't see the Hey Stoopid tour so I must of purchased it at RYF&Y tour, 1987.

Last pin came in the Classic Rock Presents Alice Cooper, Limited Collector Edition, 2011.

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