Thursday, January 17, 2013

1978/1980 Live In The USA

This CD has two concerts one in Saginaw, MI 1978 and other in El Paso, TX 1980
The Saginaw is from the King Biscuit Flower Hour and The Night Of Halloween bootleg.

The El Paso concert is Alice in his New Wave period from "Flush The Fashion" tour.

Some corrections on the listings. On the Saginaw show they listed track 6 as "What We Are Is What We Are" which is really "You & Me". On the El Paso show they list last track "Wish You Where Here" and list Pink Floyd as song credit is really an instrumental of "Wish You Were Here" from "Goes To Hell" album.

I enjoyed the 
El Paso, TX concert which was "Flush The Fashion" tour. 
This was Alice's New Wave style concert. I particular liked "Pain" and "Clones" live. 
The instrumental "Wish You Were Here" was interesting although I love the lyrics in that song. 

Musicians for Saginaw: Steve Hunter and Jefferson Kewley - guitars, Dee Murray - bass, Dennis Conaway - drums, Fred Mandel - keyboards.

The El Paso, Tx concert consist of Mike Pinera and Fred Mandel - guitars, 
Duanne Hitchings - keyboard & guitar, Erik Scott - bass, Ross Salomone - drums.

Live In U.S.A. 1978/1980
Cover of CD booklet

Front & back cover of CD booklet

Inside CD booklet

Back of CD jewel case


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