Monday, January 28, 2013

1986/75 This Sweet Sickness, bootleg cassette

This is 2 concerts from 1986 and 1975

First part is the whole concert from 1986 Manchester, England the other is about 4 songs from 1975 LA Forum in California.

They made a mistake in the editing as they list “School’s Out” being the last song from 1986 in Manchester. When the next track is “Elected” Alice says “Manchester” in the song. Also “Under My Wheels” is actually the last song from Manchester 1986.
The intro of “Welcome To My Nightmare” the MC says “your own hometown boy...” so this is the start of the 1975 LA Forum concert. It’s only the beginning of the concert. This show only covers 4 songs not counting the “Years Ago” instrumentals inbetween the songs.

The audio quality is low and I can't remember it being like that when I purchased it.

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