Friday, January 11, 2013

The King Snake, Bootleg

Talk about a fountain of misinformation this bootleg is noted as 
being “recorded live in the USA 1969 - 1970” this really should read 1971, 1973 - 1978.
Taken from 2 live shows and a quadraphonic recording.

Ballad of Dwight Fry” isn’t even listed as it follows track 3 “Second Coming”. 

1. Is It My Body  (live 1971)
2. Caught In A Dream (live 1971)
3. Second Coming (live 1971)
4.Ballad of Dwight Fry (not listed) (live 1978 Civic Center in Saginaw, MI)
5. I’m Eighteen (live 1978 Civic Center in Saginaw, MI)
6. Raped And Freezin’ (1973, “Billion Dollar Babies” quadraphonic recordings)
7. I Love The Dead (1973, “Billion Dollar Babies” quadraphonic recordings)

Cover of The King Snake CD

The cover artwork on this one which gives a good example of bad bootlegs. 
Recordings from '71, '73, '78 and the picture on the cover is from 
Welcome To My Nightmare” tour back in 1975
The logo on the top right corner is from Alice’s New Wave period 
Special Forces” album in 1981.

CD booklet open up to 3 panel
the copy on the 3rd panel are other bands this label put out.

Inside CD booklet

Inside panel close up

above photo from 1972

Inside Panel close up

above photo from 1973

Back of CD case

above photoWelcome To My Nightmaretour 1975


The audio quality of this bootleg isn't bad 

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