Thursday, January 3, 2013

1991, Freak Out, cassette

Another version of this bootleg recording from the 1969 Toronto Rock N' Roll Revival
makes it way to the public. I also have 2 versions on vinyl.
There are actually Alice fans who collect all the versions of this recording that comes
out almost every year. I don't know what the running count is on this product.
All I know is the Alice Cooper party doesn't get any money from these recordings.
But I do like the live recordings from the original band

This cassette cover w/ panel open has a photo of 
Alice that looks like it's from the 90's.
The song tracks are mixed and renamed to whatever 
the production company thinks they are titled.

The 2 non-Alice Cooper tracks that come in debate among Alice fans are “Ain’t That Just Like A Woman” and "Going To The River” appear on these recordings. It all depends on who you listen too or what story you heard first. Some say it was The Alice Cooper Group being the backing band for Gene Vincent, which is true they did back Gene Vincent but not sure these are Gene Vincent songs. Another story is the 2 tracks are from Ronnie Hawkins performance. Members from Ronnie Hawkin’s fan club believe it to be Hawkins himself. As it was stated in Dale Sherman’s book “The Illustrated Collector’s Guide To Alice Cooper”.

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