Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1978, The Night of Halloween, bootleg

Misdated this was recorded in Saginaw, MI., on May 10, 1978
Also from King Biscuit Flower Hour. Alice was doing his "School's Out Summer" tour.
The quality of this bootleg is as good as"Creatures of My Nightmare". 
Of course they have 2 songs on track 7 "Unfinished Suite" followed by "Escape" then for track 8 "I Love The Dead" which isn't listed. 

Band: Steve Hunter and Jefferson Kewley - guitars, Dee Murray - bass, 

Dennis Conaway - drums, Fred Mandel - keyboards.

The Night Of Halloween, May 10, 1978
Cover of CD booklet

Front & back cover of CD booklet

Inside CD booklet, pg 1 & 2

pg 3 & 4

pg 5 & 6

Back of CD jewel case
2 songs on track 7 "Unfinished Suite" and "Escape
track 8 "I Love The Dead" not listed


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