Thursday, January 10, 2013

1976, Super Rock Interviews Alice Cooper

Another article that was torn out of Super Rock magazine. But w/ my deductive reasoning
it seems to be in 1976. I'll point out the clues that draw me to this conclusion.

Pg 30

Pg 31
The pic at bottom of page shows Alice w/ tour date t-shirt.
These dates are from Australian Nightmare Tour 1977
that was scheduled from March 14th to April 14th.

The column of text next to that photo talks about
"Go To Hell" (should read "Goes To Hell").

Pg 32
Last paragraph in first column discussed the Rock Awards
Alice co-host w/ Diana Ross that "aired a few weeks earlier."
This Awards show was aired live on Sept., 18, 1976

Pg 33
Alice talks about Bob Greene's "Billion Dollar Babies" book.

Pg 84
Near end of last column Alice mentions his next album entitled 
"Whiskey and Lace". I don't know if that was a writers typo or Alice's working title.
It's funny that Alice says it's "a real rocker, like the old albums"
I wonder what albums he was comparing it too?

Pg 85

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