Friday, April 4, 2014

2001, june, METAL EDGE, Welcome To The Nightmare

June 2001

Metal Edge


Pg 12
"Welcome To The Nightmare"
is an interview by Edsel Dope

A while back I seen Dope open for Alice Cooper
and I wish I took a pic cause the marque read
"Alice Cooper with Dope"
Just thought that was a funny story
then again no one got Scooby Doo.

See pg 17 as Alice announces his retirement

Pg 13

Pg 14

Pg 16

Pg 17

This is what I like about reading older articles
how musicians contradict themselves
or even how critics give a new release at
that time a poor review to only be the bands
major hit record.
We actually don't know what the future is even
if we have a plan sometimes events change and we
have to readjust our plans.

Alice states "I really don't think I'm going to be 62
doing "No More Mr Nice Guy" 
It's the 3rd question down in the 2nd column.

Pg 42
Metal Wire

Pg 118
Metal Edge Asks:
(Alice Cooper is located in the first column
5th response down)

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