Sunday, April 27, 2014

2008, sept, Rue Morgue, Return of The Spider

September 2008

Rue Morgue

This is an excellent interview w/ Alice on Along Came A Spider
concept album that I believe should of been a full blown tour
dedicated to that release just like 
Welcome To My Nightmare Tour 1975

Along Came A Spider has great artwork by Piggy D on it's CD, Vinyl,
promotions and this article as well.


Pg 6, Editor's page

Pg 16 - 19

Pg 22

Pg 20 - 21

This section interrupts the interview pages 
at the end of pg 19. So I placed it at the end.
This section talks about some of the characters
Alice created like Steven, Maurice Escargot,
Former Lee Warmer. I didn't know Alice's New Wave
character was called Field Marshall Cooper.

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