Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alice Cooper and Eddie Haskell

I just had to do a comparison of Alice Cooper and Eddie Haskell.
I remember hearing this story back in the 70's.
Ken Osmond was a child actor on "Leave It To Beaver"
playing Eddie Haskell a friend of Wally who is Beaver's older brother.
Haskell was a very sneaky character who would try to get his friends in trouble.
He would flatter the adults but most of the time they were never fooled by his
thin veil of sweet talk. 
Alice talked about this in the Urban Legend book and magazine interviews
saying he thinks this came up when he said Alice Cooper is like Eddie Haskell.
Of course in time rumors spread and people misquoted the article
that later came out as Alice Cooper was Eddie Haskell.

So I had to compare the years of Alice and Ken Osmond.
It's interesting to point out that Ken Osmond later became a Los Angeles Police Officer
who has retired from the force in 1988.

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