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2001, april, oct, Classic Rock

April 2001

Classic Rock #26

There isn't any articles on Alice Cooper.
There is one article title "NU FACES"
that talks about new bands which
Alice Cooper is mentioned when they 
talk about Marilyn Manson and include
an Alice Cooper pic.

Pg 53

Pg 52

Manson may well be one of
the most exciting aspects of teen rebellion seen in
the US in the last 20 years. Whereas it’s easy to
draw comparisons between Marilyn’s shock rock
attire and inflamed stage show with Alice Cooper’s
ghoulish ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ of yesteryear
- both suffered hideously at the hands of the press
early in their careers too - Manson has the kind of
grasp on the media that unnerves reporters and
might serve him well should he decide to drift into
politics in later life.

Pg 82
Concert Date AD

October 2001

Classic Rock #32

Pg 3, Contents

Pg 28 - 29

Following article is about 
The Old Grey Whistle Test
This article only shows a pic of 
Alice Cooper
and a sidebar story on Pg 51 talks
about the DVD release of
a best of The Old Grey Whistle Test.

Pg 50

Pg 52

Pg 71
Reviews title page

Pg 74
DragonTown review

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