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2002, Urban Legends of Rock & Roll by Dale Sherman

2002 (paperback)
Urban Legend of Rock & Roll
You Never Can Tell
by Dale Sherman

This is a thin book of 172 pages.
Dale Sherman must have collected a lot of material when working on
at least 2 KISS books at this time and the latest Alice Cooper book
that I previously posted a few days ago.
This book covers plenty of musicians from 10CC to Zappa

This isn't any real shocking stories.
Matter of fact it's interesting how Alice Cooper rumors have been
repeated in the Marilyn Manson. It's funny that 
even Manson's rumors are not even original.

I remember not believing these rumors the first time I heard them.

Alice Cooper section is about 8 pages long that includes a few black & white photos. 

The middle of the book includes 
6 colorful pages with one full page photo of Alice Cooper.


Back Cover

3 black & white images in
the Alice Cooper section

One full color page of Alice Cooper

The Alice Cooper rumors are
1. The gross-out contest with Frank Zappa in the early 1970's
2. Alice stomped on baby chicks and killed puppy dogs on stage.
3. Alice got his name from an Ouija board and later found out 
it was a name of a witch who was burned at the stake in the 17th Century.
4. Alice played Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver."
5. Had large balloons filled with maggots go out over the crowd
and then had the balloon explode covering the audience.
6. Alice was a son of a Mormon Bishop who quit the church.
7. An old women died sitting next to Alice on a plane.

Only two are some what true.
The Ouija board did spell out Alice Cooper
Neal Smith recently confirmed this in an interview.
Alice denies it but I think cause of his born again faith that
any type of pagan rituals are frowned upon.
Of course this happened way before he changed his religious beliefs.

The last one of the old women dying on the plane.
Alice was visiting England for a press junket.
Alice and the elderly women talked and played some cards
as she later decided to take a nap. 
When the plane landed she never woke up.
Since Alice was sitting next to her and the last to speak to her
he had to stay behind and answer any questions by the airport and police authorities.

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