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2003, oct, Classic Rock, 2013, Classic Rock, Free '15 Years of Dirty Deeds', Pamela Des Barres

These 2 issues are about former GTOs Pamela Des Barres
and author of "I'm With The Band"

October 2003

Classic Rock #58

Pg 43
Full page photo
This article Pamela talks about her book
"I'm With The Band" and covers on a few subjects
although this article includes a full page photo
of Alice and Pamela she doesn't mention Alice Cooper
but he is included in her book.

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This following story was from
June 2007, Classic Rock #106
Famous groupie Pamela Des Barres talks about
some of the Rockstars she (ahem) met.
Not all were sexual experiences.

Pg 21 - 22

Alice was Miss Christine’s boyfriend. She was one of the GTOs. They really
copied us. Alice Cooper copied us a lot. We dressed them quite a bit. She
did all his make-up and everything. He was just this sweet guy Vince from
Arizona and I guess later on he became a drug addict and alcoholic. I didn’t
know him then. He did not smoke, drink take drugs, nothing. The whole
band was like that. He was just a friendly, doll of a guy. He went through a 
stage when he was hanging out with Keith Moon when he went pretty wild
I think. He now golfs.

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