Saturday, June 21, 2014

1973, Alice Cooper poster by Kevin Goff

I remember purchasing this poster at The Soundfactory back in 1975
which was a small record shop in my hometown.
I forgot how much I paid for it but it was a huge size poster
42x59 inches it was so big that you can read the writing
on Alice's bracelet.

I have a funny story about this poster.
Since this poster was pretty big it took up one wall.
I placed it on the wall in my bedroom.
The poster was positioned if you walk into my room it looks like
Alice is kneeling on the bed.

One day my sister had friends over and one of them had a little kid
who was just running around the house. Not being mischievous just running
up & down the hall in & out of rooms as the adults 
were talking. Well all of a sudden the child stopped running & they wonder
why he was so quite. As they approach him he's just standing at the entrance
of my bedroom staring at the poster.
I wonder if I scarred him for life.

Back in 1985 we ended up doing some remodeling.
I wasn't around at the time but when my family took the poster down
they accidentally torn the corner. I was able to tape it up from the back
and have to say you can't notice it.
During this time I rolled it up & put it away.

I couldn't take a photo of my poster since it's so large
Here is an image of the poster I found on-line

1973, 42x59 inches

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