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2005, Michael Bruce - The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce, CD

2005 CD

The Second Coming Of Michael Bruce

Michael Bruce

Great tunes but terrible editing of songs as they are abruptly cut off and pauses of silence between live tracks. It doesn’t flow into one another. I just find it a little annoying but that’s me.

Originally this came out on Sept. 2005 as a limited edition of 200 copies in Deluxe Digipak released in Iceland. The limited edition included cover artwork by backing band guitarist Ingo, photos of band and the liner notes by Dennis Dunaway and a bonus to Glen Buxton titled "Rhapsody 4 GB"

The CD that I received includes the same tracks except for "Rhapsody 4 GB" track. I don’t have the photos but I do have the cover art and Dennis Dunaway liner notes tells you who's playing on it.

So this CD is a collection of Cooper songs co-written by Bruce as well as his solo songs that were recorded in Iceland 2002-03 performances. Plus 2 studio tracks.

Some of the tracks that are not on “Halo Of Ice” CD such as “Left For Dead Meat” which is a song Michael have been working on for a longtime. This song could of fit on Alice’s “Constrictor” album. It’s a very heavy tune and has a bit of that 80’s guitar sound.

Bruce performs “Rock Rolls On” from '82 solo album of the same name. This song live along w/ his backing band gives it more life. An excellent version of “I Miss You” from the '77 “Battle Axe” album. Mike sounds in prime on this number. I always loved the guitar intro on this song. But again this gets cut off right at the end…uuurrgh! Of all songs to cut off it had to be from the  "Battle Axe" track.

“My Stars” from “School’s Out” ’72 album sounds pretty cool. Mike’s vocals are classic and at one point starts singing The Stones line ‘you can’t always get what you want”.

Studio bonus tracks “Muscle Of Love” is an excellent version. Guitarist Ingo is amazing.
“Forever Eighteen” sounds a little like The Doors. They do a bluesy version w/ a bit of do-wap backing. Again guitar parts are pretty cool.

Front Cover CD Booklet

Back Cover CD Booklet
Liner Notes by Dennis Dunaway


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