Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014, Super Duper Alice Cooper, Deluxe Limited Edition

Have to interrupt Rolling Stone Scrapebook
to announce I just received my

I originally posted an error saying I received 
2 DVD concerts. It was 1 DVD concert from 1972
and 2009 Montreux concert on CD.

This was just wishful thinking on my part. Hope I didn't
lead anyone on by my mistake.

Deluxe Limited Numbered Edition 4 Disc Set
Including CD, 3 DVDs including Blu-Ray of Doc
DVD of 1972 and CD 2009 Montreux concert.

When I first pre-ordered this book & DVDs at
Super Duper Alice Cooper website 
it was announced as being 40 pages including
DVD & Blu-Ray of movie plus
the 2009 concert CD.
Then around when the movie came out they announced it
being 60 pages with DVD & Blu-Ray of movie.
Plus DVD of 1972 and 2009 concert CD.

At first I thought I got screwed for ordering too soon
I kept checking the website and it wasn't changed
until a few days ago I notice they updated it.
Boy! Was glad to see that corrected. I thought
damn I missed out on the extra '72 concert.
But now it's all here.

The book is about 11.25x11.25 inches
60 pages. Some photos are full page
some are smaller. I say most of the photos include the 
original Alice Cooper band up to page 44.
From page 45 to 55 is Alice's solo career. The last 5 pages
are credits.
There are some very rare photos and some
old posters.
Intro is by Ralph Chapman writer and producer
of Metal Evolution.

The movie contains bonus material of plenty deleted scenes.

The 2 concerts are
Centre Sportif Universite De Montreal
January 1972
this is actually the film from
they point out "some full and partial tracks as some of the songs
were not filmed in their entirety. These visuals have been combined
with audio from various sources and so some synch issues do arise
we hope it does not detract from your enjoyment of the performance."

Hey! Anything from the original band will be an enjoyment.
How many times can I keep watching "Good To See You Again Alice Cooper"

The other concert is 
Montreux 2009 CD
not to be confused with the DVD/CD that came out in 2005.

2014, Super Duper Alice Cooper
Deluxe Limited Edition Cover
11.25x11.25 inches

Back Cover

Inside Back Cover
DVD & Blu-Ray of Super Duper Alice Cooper movie
and DVD of 1972 & 2009 concert CD.

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