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1997, Michael Bruce, In My Own Way CD

1997 CD

In My Own Way - Michael Bruce

Back in '74 after The Alice Cooper Group took a well deserved rest. During this time they decided to work on solo projects. Michael Bruce and Neal Smith were shopping around record labels to promote their solo records. Bruce was the only one to be picked up by a record label unfortunately through Polydor in Germany back in '75. 

In '97 it was reissued on CD in America on OneWay label.

Produced by former Rascals Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli who also performed on this album. This record also includes Bob Dolin and Mick Mashbir from the Alice Cooper days on The Billion Dollar Babies Tour. Poco/Eagles Timothy Schmidt background vocals. Alice Cooper also appears as guest vocalist on "As Rock Rolls On" track. Which is a good cut from this album and the only song with an edge to it. There are quite a few good tracks on this album. I like "If The Sky Should Fall" as one of my favorites. Michael also covers The Easybeats hit "Friday On My Mind" which sound close to the original. You can tell Michael was influence by the 60's bands like Easybeats, Rascals, Beatles, etc...
This is different from Alice Cooper albums and gives you an idea where Michael was coming from at the time. So if you are expecting to hear a "Billion Dollar Babies" or "Sick Things" this is far from it. This is almost like listening to James Taylor. Which isn't a bad thing!

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