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2002, Michael Bruce - In My Own Way: The Complete Sessions CD

2002 CD (2 CD set)

In My Own Way: The Complete Sessions

Michael Bruce

This 2 CD set are recordings of Bruce's first solo album "In My Own Way" with bonus tracks, 

alternative lyrics, working titles or some that just didn't make the final cut. 
The second CD are 
recordings from 1974 Lake Tahoe Sunburst Recordings.

Disc 1 contains the original album with some bonus tracks. An alternative "As Rock Rolls On" 
and working title "If I Was King" is "King Of America" demo. "Oh My Love" I first heard on 
a radio interview with Michael Bruce back in '74. 
Last is "Nothing On Earth" which is a pretty good song that has some great guitar work.

Disc 2 titled 1974 Lake Tahoe"Sunburst" Recordings consist mostly of ballads. Some of the 
tracks are very Beatlesque, Little Feat, even a few songs remind me of McCartney and Wings. 
"Love Love Love" reminds me of Dave Mason. 
Two instrumentals one is "No-one Knows The 
Stranger" which should of been a 3 minute instrumental but it sounds they were struggling to 
find a finish so it took them 7 minutes to complete it. Second is "Feeling Like Someone Else". 
Both have good drumming on it that isn't credited but from the inside interview it could be Curly Smith. 
Alternative lyrics "In My Own Way" seems to drag as well. I like the version 
they used
 for the original album. "Got To Get Hold" is "Gotta Get Hold" from IMOW album too. 
"Life Will Be Our Music" is IMOW lp "If The Sky Should Fall" and two more tracks from this lp "So Far So Good" and "Lucky Break". 
It's interesting to hear the session recording 
of some of these songs. 

The 2 CD comes with a booklet with a February 2002 interview with Michael Bruce who talks 
about the making of this and the Battle Axe album plus future projects.

I really enjoy this CD set and shows some of the process Bruce goes through on some 

of the tracks. I also like Bruce's vocals and just amazes me how poorly the 
label promoted his work. 

Front Jewel Case

Back Jewel Case

CD 1

CD 2

Inside Jewel Case

Front Cover CD Booklet

Pg 1 & 2

Pg 3 & 4
includes a 2002 Q&A with Michael Bruce

Pg 5 & 6

Pg 7 & 8

Pg 9 & 10

Back Cover CD Booklet

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