Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1975, may, CIRCUS, Groucho Of The 21st Century?

May 1975, Circus

Alice talks about his first solo album Welcome To My Nightmare.

Circus cover

Pg 4 - 10

This article updates what the original band members are doing at the
last sentence on page 6 continued on page 7.

Also page 7, Michael Bruce is noted as working on his solo album
with Loudmouth a band that includes Frank Crandall who
is married to Alice's sister Nickie. I do see his name on Bruce's
"Thanks to" section but don't see him on any particular track.
Also Crandall worked w/ Alice on "Dance Yourself To Death"
track on Flush The Fashion, 1980 lp.
Frank passed on in 2011 you can read about him at

Middle column of page 8, Alice talks about a female band made up
of secretaries I never heard of called The Weeds Of Idleness.
Unless he's talking about an early version of The GTOs.

Pg 19, Full Page
Welcome To My Nightmare AD

Pg 43, Top 20
#17 Greatest Hits

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