Saturday, June 14, 2014

1985, Photography project

Back in Art School I took up black & white photography. It was cool seeing your
photo developing right in front of you. Unlike color photography
I didn't like the dark room process of feeding it through a machine.
To me black & white had a more fine art approach.
Anyway here is a photo I took back in '85.
I was looking at my Alice Cooper poster on the wall
w/ a hand held mirror slightly to the right so I see
the poster. My reflection from the hand held mirror was a reflection
from another mirror on a bureau toward my left.
This was pre-photoshop days.
I think the best response was from a classmate viewing this
photo saying "you must of been fried when you took it"

13x9 inches 

This is an internet image of my wall poster.
My original poster was signed by Alice at Spooky World
that I posted on November 7, 2013.

1973, 22x34 inches

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