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1996, Michael Bruce, No More Mr Nice Guy book

1996 (paperback)
Michael Bruce "No More Mr Nice Guy"

Michael Bruce wrote this autobiography with the assistance of Billy James (Ant Bee).
It was good to hear another version of the Alice Cooper band by an original member.
Although it seemed very short and it at the time Michael had a hugh chip on his shoulder.
 Michael presently seemed to be more calm about the break up. Maybe he got to clear the 
air and talked with original members gave him a more at ease perspective on the ending 
of the band. 
Also after he reformed with Neal and Glen in Texas then played with Alice and the 
remaining band a few times gave him a better outlook.
There are a few discrepancies which other members didn't agree with but
Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway will be releasing their own versions in the near future.

This book includes a lot of photos some from Michael's own collection. All the photos are black
 & white and I don't know if it's the age of the photos or the printing of the book that make 
them appear very dark and muddy.

After Bruce played with Neal Smith and Glen Buxton in Texas at Area 51 Club which was 
the last performance by Glen Buxton who passed away a little time later. Michael re-issued 
this book with a different cover and added chapter about that time with Glen Buxton. 
This re-issue I didn't get but wished I did. It has sold out fast and later the price was way 
too high to purchase it.
I also heard rumors of Michael Bruce adding more to the book and re-issue it again but 
so far haven't heard anymore on it.

1996 (paperback)
Michael Bruce "No More Mr Nice Guy"


Back Cover

There are plenty of photos in the book 
but here are just some to check out

Pg 67
Alice Cooper

Pg 81
Dennis Dunaway

Pg 85
Glen Buxton

Pg 89
Michael Bruce

Pg 91
Neal Smith
notice Neal's drum Flying Tiger's band logo
post-Alice Cooper

Pg 147
Michael's post-Alice Cooper bands
Top: The Josiah Bruce Band
Bottom: The new Billion Dollar Babies

Is it me or does Paul Bruce resemble Bruce Kulick

2000 (paperback)
updated book with added chapters

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